About us

Egils Guesthouse is a family-operated business. It is owned by Gunnar and his wife Helgu. Gunnar's  grandparents, Kolfinna Jóhannsdóttir and Þórður Jónsson, lived in the house at Egilsgata 8 for over twenty years from the year 1967-1990 and the family has many good memories about the house. When the previous owner put the house on sale the family got the idea about buying the house and renovate it and did so the year 2010-2011. Grandma Kolfinna and grandpa Þórður always had lot of guests so the house is familiar to steam of guests.

The year 2012 the family bought the house at Egilsgata 6 and 2016 the house Kaupangur at Brákarbraut 11 was added to the company.

Our son Hafþór (Haffi) is working with us and responsible for the daily business and communications with guests and reception. HafþórWe want our guests to feel welcome in our houses and that they enjoy staying in a warm and comfortable environment and leave with only pleasant memories. Together, we aim to make your stay at Egils guesthouse one to remember for a reasonable price.


Helga, Gunnar, Hafþór

Gunnar and Helga

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